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Is your dog as happy as you?

‘Tell tail’ signs of a happy dog:

  • A happy dog has a “sparkle”, he’ll be interested in his surroundings and is keen to interact

  • He makes eye contact with you, is interested in what you are doing and may join in – even so-called ‘helping in the garden’!

  • He is interested in his food

  • He looks well with shiny coat, bright eyes and pink gums and tongue

  • He wags his tail in response to human contact, either petting or voice

  • He interacts with humans and other animals by making pleasured noises –

noises that the owner knows is a happy sign

  • He sleeps well at night without disturbance

  • He may roll on his back in obvious pleasure

  • He spontaneously appears to seek pleasure, like running, paddling or

swimming in the surf at the sea-side or lake

  • He is relaxed around other dogs and has good inter canine skills